Why Your Own Insurance Company Should Pay Your Claim More Promptly

This segment of The Law and You features personal injury trial lawyer Don Corson telling of insurance disputes where the insurer was required to pay more because of delays.


JOEL: This is Joel Block for The Law and You with Eugene attorney Don Corson. Don, I understand you recently had a case where the insurance company refused to cover a family member who was hurt.

DON: That’s right, Joel. When we buy insurance, we expect the insurance company to honor legitimate claims and not delay or deny payment. With one of our cases, the family’s insurance company denied that their son was covered by the family’s insurance, and did not settle the claim within the required six months. Under Oregon law, this insurance company then had to pay even more to the injured young man. The purpose of that law is to encourage faster resolution of insurance claims and to try to make insurance companies more responsible to the people they are supposed to protect.

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