Workplace Injury

Most workers expect that in exchange for putting in hours of hard work on a daily basis, their employer will provide a safe work environment. Unfortunately, some employers and/or their equipment or service suppliers put profits over employee safety.  When a workplace has poor safety standards and procedures, faulty equipment, or careless management, injuries are more likely to occur.

Thankfully, federal and state governments have laws to protect workers and compensate them if an accident occurs, meaning negligent employers may be held liable.

The workplace injury attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm are skilled and experienced in representing workers who experience serious workplace injuries resulting from unsafe equipment or working conditions. We are committed to making workplaces safer by aggressively prosecuting negligent employers and holding them accountable to existing laws.

Seven Most Common Types of Workplace Injuries

The seven most common types of workplace injuries are:

  • Caught in/under/between – a part of the body is squeezed, pinched, or crushed in machinery.
  • Falls from elevation – falls from ladders, roofs or other elevated surfaces; falls on dangerous surfaces.
  • Falls at same level – slips, trips and falls on flat surfaces.
  • Struck by/against – impacting a part of the body against something, hit by  moving or flying objects, or injuries by noise (noise impacts the ear drum).
  • Motor vehicle accidents – involving cars, trucks, or other vehicles.
  • Work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the lower extremities (knees, ankles and feet).
  • Musculoskeletal injuries of the upper body (neck, back and arms).

Prompt Workplace Injury Investigation

Initial investigations should begin as soon as possible after an injury occurs, beginning when the injured worker is still in the hospital. Looking into the cause of an injury immediately ensures important evidence isn’t lost or destroyed. The liable party may or may not be obvious. In some cases, a third party may have played a major role in the injury and be held liable.

The workplace injury attorneys at The Corson & Johnson Law Firm have skill and experience investigating and prosecuting workplace injury, unsafe products, and civil justice cases, including those under Oregon’s unique Employer Liability Law.

Workplace Injury Lawsuits Save Lives

When injured workers file lawsuits, they pressure workplaces everywhere to abide by the health and safety standards established by state and federal governments. By coming forward, these individuals are holding their employers accountable which helps to lower the workplace injury rate, save lives and protect workers’ families.